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Ok, so sorry for all the panoramas but it’s so beautiful here. This is by far my favorite. Storm passing through the mountains.

Don’t be jealous bc it’s 103 degrees during the day.

"You can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat animals."

- a wise friend (via subhumann)

"I feel broken. I find myself awake at 4am thinking of all the things I regret. Meaningless boys who used too much tongue, and wore too much cologne. Nights where I could feel the hope leaving my body along with blood from my veins and air from my lungs. Then there was you, the one boy I felt right about. Along with every good thing I pushed you away. But now at 4am on a Saturday I see that you weren’t good at all. You might’ve been the worst thing to ever happen to me, because unlike the others I loved you. You new and acted as though I meant nothing. I was just someone you’d talk to when you were bored and you knew I’d be awake at 3am and I would never pass up an opportunity to talk to you. So again I find my self tearing into my arms not knowing whether it’s to feel, or to not feel anything at all."

- Thoughts I Can’t Seem To Keep Away (via wearilessly)

(via wearilessly)




this was just sitting in my drafts and i think it’s pretty so here

(via ladisp)